Monday, August 19, 2002

| listening | dead leaves and the dirty grounds | the white stripes |

NEW FORMAT -- saw alot of this blog style format on alot of sites so decided to use it. hope you folks dont mind but i saw alot people using this format so i know its not like a big deal if i use it so i will =P

STRIPER -- omg on sunday a striper called me! aahh [shivers] it was hella creepy. aah i was hella scared-- haha but at the same time it was friggen funny. haha lmao. like i totally wanted to hang up n shiit but like i didnt want to be rude n impolite so i was like "yeah..." "ooo" "okay" etc but then it got sick for me, so i was like "this is getting too wierd for well talk another time" haha but yeah...haha i called lisa right after that, n she was like "i want a striper to call me!" haha =D

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL -- it was a long ass day -- yet it was a half day too! err.. so yeah. i want to be in 1012!!!! no fair >=O.. oo heres my class schedule::

| per. 1 | english 3-4---Carle---RM# 2103
| per. 2 | integrated science 3-4---gonzales---RM# 1010
| per. 3 | imp 3-4---ikegami---# 2015
| per. 4 | pe---casten---gym
| per. 5 | japanese 3-4---moriyasu---#3102
| per. 6 | world history---almeida---#2005
| per. 7 | biology---fielder---#1012
| per. 8 | student council---denman---#2017

DIFFERENCES -- i am going to be the better person in this shiit that was caused over summer. i have to be the "better woman" as tim says it. im doing it and lil bro said that hes proud of me for doing it...him and brother eric ---> i have a new brother in my family!! --- eric man yes yes..hes my newest brother. horray!! =D

LAST BLOG -- after this blog...ima be on a break. so yeah...thanx for reading my blogs for those of you who do. *mwah* [hugg] i gots much love for you bebie =D

Friday, August 16, 2002

| listening | today, tomorrow, & forever | elvis presley |

__haha im listening to the king baby! =) this is my favorite song from him. its soo sweet! n i like this other one song from him too, but i forgot whats its called. its the last track in the movie "elvis and me". it is a documentary/ autobiography of elvis presley and Priscilla Beaulieu Presley. it is an awesome movie. im serious. it is long tho but omg its so great! it tells you about their love, how they came to be, their sacrafices and etc. its real touching towards the end. =*( [sniff sniff]. aaahhh priscilla is so beautiful..reallie GORGEOUS. [the real one n the one in the movie] the real one..oo my lord, she has the biggest blue eyes i have ever seen, they cover half her face [exaggerating just lil bit hehe] but yeah, its a fantastic movie peoples. watch it! i saw it on vh1 took all of my evening hehe.
note:: if you know what that last song in the end that they play when hes dead called then let me know please =D

___I GOT MY PERMIT TODAY. OO dang haha woopwoop! what now??!?! huh??! haha okay that was idiotic but ehh whatevers i dont care..i got my permit--[big huge grin] muahah i miss 8 tho. it was scary cause like i missed 6 in the front, n then the lady flipped to the bak n she started from the bottom-- n then she crossed out 2 more so thats already 8.. n i was like "please please no more no more...." then YAY =D =D happy!
__i havent been on in the past 2days cause my phone line was going lala-mode on me. we couldnt use the phone, so we had to use our cell phones these last 2days.. [oo lord the bill is going to be big] ..but this nice dude came by to fix it today. his name is gary..not a very nice name but whatevers..hes a nice person. he said "your going to get somewhere in life-- i could just see it in your eyes" ahh [sigh] hes only 22yrs old! haha. hey.... [thinking] naww jk jk haha.
___im sick! omg reallie sick too. [sad face] like runny nose, watery eyes, body sores, headache, everything! aah im so upset. school is starting on monday too-- n ima go looking like a i dont know..but ugh! oo guess what..christina is sick too! haha its soo fukken wierd. we always get things around the same time...its creepy [shivers] haha jk
__[BIG HUGE GRIN AGAIN] =D =D lisa, my best buddy in the whole wide world..AMONG others things--- *drum rolls* is coming back on SATURDAY AUG 17th! yay!! yeppie!! yay!! hehe =) soo happy. thats ONE day earlier than planned! soo happy.. i missed her ALOT =*( BUT now shes back!! --- hmm i wonder what class she got... [praying] hopefully mine...please! 2013 2013...

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

| listening | im with you | avril lavigne |

__[sigh] im in a f*kken bad mood right now. ugh...i want to like scream--- at the world just every freken person. its like so not cool but aahh! >_< my throat f*kken hurts, im just so put up with all the sh*t in life. dammit. im like pist of. and my mommy is going lala mode on me. damm geez.. errr. things just ..nm fukk it.
__06 orientation was alrite. it was cool. they were nice [kinda] and stuff. =/ i dont know. we were put into cohort groups, i got this one cohort that got iseri for 1st period. i was like "yeah go you guys!" iseri n jett are staying another year cause ms. clark asked them too. yay i like them =). hmm. that class i got wasnt that great but theyre better than most. tehyre not quiet like dead quiet you know? 06 is diverse class, more diverse than 05 [sh*t 05 are just full of asn people-- =/ ] asb plans ice breakers n shiit like that. we take them from class to class, and take them to lunch-- like a babysitter. i dont know. alot of people came that wasnt from asb so they just ended up standing around-- sitting around--whatever the hell they were doing. ehh i guess whatever. i have to deal with cams again soon. fukken shiit. i hate it. i want to leave this fukken hell ho. damm im such a beeitch when im pist off its not even funny. seriously tho, i like cams. i just dont like bullshiit that comes along with it but you deal with shiit at every high school so blah. anyhow.
__you know that i dislike? people who dog at you-- stare you down -- give you mean looks/ bad looks, you know those. the stoopid retardeds ones you have a problem with you but have no guts or balls to come up to you n say it. i mean if your going to hate someone, then stop being a wuss n say somesthing. if you dont want to say something, then dont fukken look at that person. omg. its like--- studying their every move. its like "dude get a fukken life you damm retard!"
___saw alot of people that i didnt see over summer yesterday so that was cool. im not coming bak cause i shiit to do besides babysit some kids whos taller than me. muahah. they are! some of them are mean =( -- i was like "gosh i didnt do nothing" i think theyre just lala-mode too. hopefully they get better-- well my daughter better be nice to me! oo yeah adopt-a-freshie dudes, if your in 05 n want to be a big bro/ sister or mommy or daddy, etc than let me know, n ill write your name down and give you a freshie okay? =) itll be fun. me n jessica n tam got lots of stuff planned out with help of michael n hecter. email::

Sunday, August 11, 2002

| listening | sweetness | jimmyeatworld |

i noticed im not into this blogging shiit no more so hmm [thinking] im going to be gone...on a break...on hiatus..whatever the thell you want to call it. alritey? since summer is almost ending anyways. so ima be out as soon as school starts. =/ dammit! thats next monday..[sigh] eek i hate it...hell is going to start soon. i dont like my cohort. i want to be in 2015!!! dammit. instead i got 2013--its only 2 numbers difference...aaah!! >=O

__went to the mall with cousin tam, lil cousin linh n tams sister kim. hehe tam reallie shopped. foreal. she bought like 45655 shirts, jeans, n sweaters. haha. i got a sweater ..its nice. its all knitted and creamy n etc. i like it. =D i need jeans!!!
__omg church was ---i dont know -- it was emotional for me. when the priest was talking about broken hearts [not just the boy/girl type] n hope n giving up for your life for others n for taking others pain on yourself n stuff like that. i dont know i felt reallie emotion. i had tears n stuff. we sang gospel [sp?] song --i felt a sense of belonging. i like it there. im going there more often now. i think prolly every sunday evening mass--at 5:30 at St. Anthony's in Gardena. its real nice n big. i felt at peace there. like nothing could harm or hurt me because i was at God's place and the Lord will protect me for i am His child. im reallie honored being a Catholic and i think i should be more religious. i felt soo spirtiual. i dont know. i now know how much Jesus gave up for us, his children, how He was willing to take all the suffering on Himself because of the sins we caused. i like it there church. =D

__started work today. at this one beauty parlor. sorry guys im not giving out any more info on the place cause the owner is like scared ..i dont know why..shes stoopid..haha reallie tho she is. anyhow. theres hair, nails, and a spa there too. i dont do much. since inorder to do anything you need license. i just clean up after people. sweep n shiit like that. n i get tips too. $4 yay!! its okay. i hated it there at first. n i still do. n i will always hate it there. but its for my car. [sigh] its for my car. dammit. if it wasnt then fukken shiit im out. making money is hella hard. foreal. you have no clue..
__at 6pm went to co loans wedding at seafood place #2. it was a nice wedding reception. she was soo gorgeous. the food was great. i normally dislike seafood--but damm the lobster n how they made it was hella yummy! it was. foreal. i loved it. the cake was yummyum. there was this dude there, he was the mc's brother. aahh he was a hottie too. knows how to rave n shiit like that. he smelled sOO fukken food. we were slow dancing together to "my valentine" ..shiit i wanted to closer but shiit my relatives were everywhere. im innocent muahaha. but yeah he was nice...REAL nice.

___went for my physical...frekken..i had to get a physical for tennis. waste of time and effort and money. but i got it done so its cool, now i have to pay $80 just to play tennis. that doesnt include uniform or any sh*t like that. damm cams!
__after that went to man beach for kc project from 10-5pm. all i did was fetch volleyballs for those damm volleyball players. but damm they were on FIRE. haha .reallie. they were white, tall, tan, and sweating...muahaha. it was pretty cool, all i did all day was stand on a corner of court #7 and get balls when they hit it out. what a life huh? it was hella boring. but ehh i got 6hrs for it. whatever...i got lunch too =P yummyum from chipole. that is a hella GOOD PLACE
__got drop at silvias house after that so we can go to this party. it was tite. not the party cause the party itself wasnt all that great. but got to hang with patata! patata is a group that consist of:: silvia, diep, tina, kelley, paula, n etc. they are all incoming sophomores at leuzinger high [the high school i was suppose to go too]. theyre hella tite and pretty and kik ass! shiit. we had fun. haha all im going to say is i dont remember much cause i couldnt walk straight and very red by the time i got home. haha. omg theres this one dude. richard. aaahhh. hotness! hes like german n flip. aahhh. hes fine! he could fukken DANCE tOO. foreal. i like dancing with him =) haha.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

| listening | seeing red | unwritten law |

i havent blogg in a long while. okay my weekend recap.=) [---i blogged this off line---]

__i went to yi phuongs house in alhambra [sp?] for dinner. its real tite there. her home is hella nice. her family n her design the whole crib--exterior n interior. that must be so cool, to be able to have enough money to do that. shiit i want to do that. i was like: [jaw drop] "wowie...." when i first saw it lol
__me n linh [my little cousin] got extra bored so we went exploring around the neighborhood & got followed by this one lady! haha naww but we thought that she was following us so we walked all fast. it was soo hilarious. we spied on peoples too. lol she had these bacukulars [sp?] and we were sitting on the porch spying! haha. it was soo funny. =D we said aloud every movement that we saw. like "lady folding clothes" or "guy walked by with shorts" hehar hehar. OOO then some man came out of his house and was staring dead start at us..aahh scary. so we pretending to be star watching. haha
__went to sleep at 3am n linh stayed the night. we were looking at magazines =Þ

__eddie called me at 10am! haha i was like "what dude?!" i can be mean when you wake me up but to most peple im more nice, its just edd that im like that too..haha cause he doesnt take it all personal. sO anyhow. =) oo yea. n he was like "lets go chill chikk..ima pik you up at 11..." so i had to wake linh up too cause im took her with me. we both got ready. ate breakfast and then edd n his pal, lilian pik us up =) went over to erikas house to chill with couple of other people. played some games like playstation and nintendo n shiit. then edd, alec n there whole band preformed for us to see. they were good! foreal, they know how to play well, just they need a vocalist in their band..anyone interested?? it was fun. n then we had italian for lunch. alec dropped us off at 12ish after he treated us out to some a go go..yummyum! =Þ
__at 1ish co hue called [co hue is linh mom] asked to go to mall with her. so we went to westminster mall. bought 2 shirts and a cute khaki cord purse =) i love it! hehe. OO and then my mommy drove down there later on, and we met up with her and then bought some take out to bring home for dinner..bbq yummyum!
__when i got home, i went shopping some more. from and hehe. i was soo into that i spent 3hrs shopping. i bought 3 sweaters, 2 long sleeve shirts, and 1 hoodie. n i got a pretty good deal for them. like $85ish =Þ i love the sweaters. its soo cute! now all i need is jeans and shoes [preferably the blak vans] and socks and wife beaters ...uhh i think thats it. hopefully thats it cause i used up all my money =(

__my lil cousin dann told me about this one site. -- its like a chat room but you can play games too! =D it was soo fun...i loved it there. theres pool and everything too. i sukked badly at pool but bery good at memory and minigolf. note to dann:: ill beat you next time just you wait n watch!

----i miss lisa =( terribly...i need to talk to her. i mean theres people that i can talk too but lisa is the best person to talk too =D *mwah to lisa*

----i saw gone with the wind last nite on umm..that one channel haha. i saw it for the 3rd time i think. its like 4hrs! haha uncommericaled too. but its all good cause it was a dope movie =) scarlett is such..uhh i dont know the word. shes one major slut tho. but i mean she knew what she wanted in life n thats her way of getting it. i admire her courage, strength and self-esteem. its sad at the end. she loves you rhett! it was extra corny the last line --- " another day" haha i mean it is but its just funny when she said it. nm you just have to watch the movie.

Friday, August 02, 2002

| listening | somewhere out there | our lady peace |

__lisa left =*( [sniff sniff] [tear tear]. she left me *boohoo*. shes going to japan..actually shes in japan right now as i blogg this shiit. shes staying for 2 whole weeks! aahh noOooOOo!..shes returning on Aug.18.2002 [a day before school starts] =/ i talked to her last night for 1hr and 30mins about stuff..hehe towards the end it was like..."uhh this is wierd" cause the things we were talking about was kind of like my private and intimate moments ..nm its just dumb. its wierd to me how peple can tell everyone what they do in their own private moment..ehh whatever im just thinking out loud.
----note to leesah:: i love you sister!! *mwah* i mislov you!! have fun over there [even tho your going to be at a temple haha] ill write you an email everyday..haha cause im your stalker honnie..=D
----read this----
o p TIM ising: lisa told me to tell u something
o p TIM ising: it was like
o p TIM ising: she loves u
Chika Boom Boom: yay!! :)
o p TIM ising: and ur her bestest friend or something
_______i love you much more <3

__today is my last day of *drums roll* drivers ed woohoooo!! =D [soo happy] yes yes yes! but ima miss frank! hes soo tite i mean it. he is the titest drivers ed teacher ever. if you guys are planning on drivers ed--remember --- "behind the wheel driving school" in manhattan beach. haha im doing free advertising frank..give me a discount on the drivers training =D lol. but yeah its wierd. i cant go for my permit yet. cause i have to enroll to drivers training OR be at least 15 1/2 -- but im not either of that. so i cant go for it. eek..this sukks. so whats going to end up happening is waiting to be 15 1/2 OR beg my mommy for $180 for drivers training. [sigh] ehh ill think of something [hopefully]
__i want to learn how to play cs. why you ask? oo no not cause it seems fun, cause surely it doesnt lol. cause i have all these ferens that go to ipc or the one in LB to play cs. and like they wont invite me cause i dont know how to play it. so inorder to get treated out by them [cause theyre always hungry] at tapioca or mcdonalds or carls jr or anywhere else, i have to know how to play cs.. lol. jimmy tried to teach me this one time..haha he got was soo funny. he was like "dammit gurl, i cant do this anymore" haha. n then jaime tried to teach me another time-- haha that didnt turn out well either. it isnt my fault. cause theyre too impatient. i need a patient teacher..haha i asked lil bro n he said "sure". but if your patient n willing to teach me then me! [desperate] =) *mwah in advance*
__i have a date with sandro again tomm. =D yay!! i dont know where were going..prolly bowling. doesnt that sounds romantic? [sarcastic] hehe im just messing. i like spending time with him. =) sunday ima go kik it with kevin, eddie, alec, and theyre gardena ferens. i love kikking it with dudes. =D hehe. theyre wayy better than females ferens. hehe. no offense. but foreal-- they dont backstab, lie, and talk shiit. n theyre soo fun =P. i always had more dude ferens than gurlies.. prolly cause the gurlies dont like me..hehe its okay tho. i prefer dudes anyhow =Þ

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

| listening | underneath it all | no doubt |

__two words to decribe drivers ed---- long & sleepy. ive been taking drivers ed at "behind the wheel driving school" in manhattan beach since tuesday. ima take it till friday since its 4days from 9-4 every day. thats 8 fukken hrs dude! thats my whole fukken day..ugh. i hate this. but im doing something productive. driving isnt that hard. =D i think i can be a great driver [hahah] foreal tho =). the man that owns the place and teach us it is frank. everyone loves him cause hes soo cool and nice! =) hes reallie easy going and hes not that boring at all. i mean sitting there for 8hrs is a real big blah but he makes jokes and hes tite lol. hes 58yrs old but he cusses every other word. he let us have 15mins breaks every 2hrs --- 45mins lunch breaks --- [shhh dont tell] we actually dont stay till 4 hehe the class ends at 3 =D yayy! =Þ go frank!
__im taking it alone =( poor me. but its okay..hehe theres 21 other kids there..and new ones come in every day and others leave. mostly are white kids that attend mira costa or redondo high. no one special in particular..but theres this one dude..lmao. hes soo pretty! i mean reallie pretty. the type of prettiness that if he was a gurl, hell be a prettier gurl than most gurls lol ..prettier than me! haha. theres these two reallie nice gurls---Lauren & Ingrid. ingrid is so sweet and nice! and pretty. with pitch black eyes and red hair. shes going to be a jr at el segundo high.
your reallie lovely--underneath it all

Monday, July 29, 2002

| listening | goodbye to you | michelle branch |

_aahhh cousin day was so extremely dope!. JULY 29..muhaha. okay. ann and michelle made up this day =). this is how the day went. we were suppose to off by 12noon so me n tam for ready by 12. ann n michelle didnt pikk us up till 3:30pm. eRrrR =/ i wasnt very but like i forgave them cause they were making us our shirts and their shirts. the cousin day 2002 shirts! hehe its soo cute. theyres is like one is "my cousin rocks" and the other is "my cousin rolls" get it? rock n roll? haha lol and they made mines "michelle is cool." and tams was "ann is cool" hehe and we had name tags. those kinds thats like "hello my name is _____" hehe. me n tam had to wear shirts that wasnt our name ALL day..hehe we got wierd stares from people._we went to ucla. ate at BJs. thats a tite restaurant. i like it there. and then went to city walk. got home at 10:30pm. it was a complete day. hehe it was funny, we were walking down the streets and mostly everyone was like "thats soo cute!" or "whos ann? whos michelle?" hehe. our waitress at BJs was like "omg its cousin day?!? im ashamed i didnt know that!" n we were like "oo no not nationally..we kind of made it up" lol. _and when we were at city walk, we were walking togeher and ann was like "if i saw us walking, id think "whoa thats one crazy group" haha n i was like "if i saw us walking, i wouldnt like us" haha lol. its truu, if i saw these asn gurls walking with the same shirts, id be like "uhh .....okay....." hahah...ehh today was soo tite.
note to me cousins:: i love you guys! lets do this again! =D ______im 15yrs and 1month today..haha

__today was OTC & DCM for key club at the Nakaoka Center in gardena =) its where we had our kc [key club] banquet too..where i met my deam DJ dude that i can never stop thinking about..[yummyum =Þ] anyways, hehe it was tite, went with my sistah LISA BOB =) hehe [were going to be the best VP and SEC ever rite honnie?? hahah] so yeah im running for secretary for kc next term and lisa running for VP. wish us the best of luck! ... im planning alot of shiit in my life rite so yeah. thats what happened when kuee gets bored..muahah. but like yeah ima do all of them. ima concentrate on school and academic shiit now...everything else [going out, dating, spending money, etc] will have to come 2nd. [kuee=school gurl] hehe

Saturday, July 27, 2002

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__i went out with my momy today. we stopped by tapioca express and guess who we saw there?..hehe jenn and tung. lol. my mommy and i caught them in the car, "hugging" lol. jenn and tung got so embarrassed cause my momy saw how tsk tsk jenn is lol. its okay estoopida..hehe she doesnt mind [muahaha] ..tung was couldnt even look at my i talked to them for 15mins about and then they left. me and my mommy chilled at tapioca express for like 30mins. talked to sandro today =D yay! i havent talked to him in a days. i missed him. hehe. im pretty sure were going on a date tomm after OTC for kc. hes gonna pick me up =).
__i talked with tommy till like 3am last night..hehe hes a nice person =) i think a major turnoff for both of us was the age, hes 18 [adult] and im 15 [minor]..just alittle illegial. the first time i talked to him on the phone was a while bak, and he asked me "are you white?" lol..i was like "white?! wtf do you mean?" hehe..he said i sound white and tung told him that i was white [stoopid tung, he thinks i act white lol] hehe so yeah, nO im not white! tung is cute..haha lucky jenn! omg hes actually HOT...hes a dork tho..and he mimicks everything that i say..err at tung lol =Þ hes tite tho.
| listening | my december | linkin park

__i stayed up all night to do this new site. its Kuee Cow version. 2.o. it entitles Losing Grip ft. Ms. Avril Lavigne. chek it out.
warning:: it sucks =Þ
| listening | pt.of.athurity | linkin park

__i havent blogged lately. so here it is::
__my momy woke me up and dragged me to gardena grove, orange county. [little saigon hehe] so we could get at this new restaurant that just opened. omg theres something up with our familie..hehe us and yeah thats why we went, for coffee at this great french coffee shop and to eat at that new restaurant. so ths coffee shop is call Lily's and its famous in little saigon so if you ever go, lily's =Þ ..and i was in there getting my momy some coffee and i saw the most gorgeous viet boy i had every laid my eyes on. and im foreal. cause like viets go last last on my list of guys, so im pretty much extremely picky, but omg he was gorgeous. maybe it was the 1/4 white in him [cause his dad was 1/2..he was with his dad] we were looking at eachother for a few times and we couldnt do nothing cause parents and he was leaving. and when he was the door, he stopped and looked bak and smiled at me! woohoo..hehe =D im soo frekken happy! haha ima stalk him watch! [rite lisa?! hahah]
__that was my last day [not 100% sure but most likely] volunteering at the library. cause i got things to do snce stoopid cams start all early. hehe okay now i actually like it there again. hehar i tend to change my mind alot. but like ugh omg stoopid dick! okay i was shelfing books on the lower shelfs so i had to swat down. and this one dude was there, hispanic or something, and i look him, and he was just getting the books on the top shelves. and then i look up again, and i caught him looking down my shirt! [or at least trying too] omg, that damm ho! i was like "ahem, [stood up] excuse me mister, but what was very inapproprite of you" and he was like "huh? what ...?..blah blah" all acting stoopid. haha what a MAN. but yeah. dont let me see him again. ima kik him where it hurts damm lil fukker. ehh he didnt see nothing tho..hehe i wear preppy clothes =)
__oo i saw richard too! he went to yuckon. i didnt recognize him until he said "hi qui" i was like "who are you?" he works there now. he was like "do you still hate me?" like "wtf? when did i ever hate you?!" ..but yeah im pretty sure i hated him after he told me why i hated him bak in 8th grade. peple, understand this: i dont hold grudges..i get over it pretty quik like prolly 3secs later. hehe =) so dont worry, i dont reallie hate anyone cause i cant even remember their names right, how do you expect me to remember small things like that?

Monday, July 22, 2002

| listening | my friends over you | new found glory |

__i am hella bore rite now! tam just came over. OMG i havent seen her since her beeday [ which was 7|10 ]. she works at the orange county fair. erk im so jealous! shes earning like $600ish for 2weeks of working [after tax] thats alot. well for me at least. shoot im poor like fukk. lol. $1 is alot to me muahaha. omg she dyed her hair! NoOooOOooO!! her beautiful black pearls hair!! =/ its not just brown..its light brown. thats a dramatic change tam! hehe. but she looks gorgeous so it dont matter.
__i hate working at that damm library. remember when i was soo excited too? hell naw, not no more! shoot. it is the longest 4hrs a day of my life. the stoopid edges of the books stratch my hands all up and all the kids messes up the shelfs of books that i just RE:shelfed. ugh. i volunteer but i work as much as a person that was paid. sucks to be me but hey i get to see old ferens everytime so thats a reward =Þ
__i want those all black vans..eRR. ive been wanting them since my beeday. theyre like $50ish thats that good. but i just bought all these shirts & jeans so im broke. n my mommy wont buy them since i got my roxys. but i got them like 3432658 months ago! [okay i mite be exaggerating lil bit] i want those vans! among others things *evil laugh* i want _____.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

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__went to relay for life . its a 24hr run at Aviation Park in Redondo Beach to raise money to find a cure for cancer. from 3-10pm. me and my sister leesah bob was the only person there representing from cams. hehe its okay! were COOL! haha. so the first hour or so we helped at the silent auction tent and then after that we helped at the luminary tent for the whole time. we decorated the luminaries and then set them around the track. at 8, we started to light them up. it was so gorgeous. there were like 1000+ luminaries for "in memory of" or "in honor of" cancer patients. i saw leuz [silvia, etc] and hawthorne there.
__there were alot of cute white dudes =Þ yummy! but i remember ian! omg ian..haha [remember IAN lisa?!] haha. he was soo HOT to the point where we didnt know whether what we were drinking was water or COFFEE lol. we wanted hot water to mix it with hot chocolate. but we didnt realize they ran out of hot water. so then lisa pushed on the water jug and coffee came out. being the nice and wonderful man IAN is, he helped lisa with the cup. he filled it all with coffee and me and lisa didnt even realize it. haha cause we were busy drooling over him. him and his british accent. [melting] omg. heaven. omg his eyes are like..captivating [they were blue/green with a hint of yellow]. and his height is perfect! he was 6ft prolly. omg. hes perfect! . it was hilarious cause after me and lisa walked away, we started to LAUGH so much.
__from todays experience, i honestly feel more grateful. its sad cause i should be more grateful from the start. it made me realize that small, petty negative things in life arent worth my fussing and getting upset over. that a bad breakup or a horrible day isnt worth me getting angry about. because compare to peple with incurable illness, im 43534 times better than they are. my grama died of stomach cancer. and leesahs died of throat cancer. n todays event brought me n her closer when this one lady was singing "wind beneath my wings" me n her stood hand in hand and hugged eachother because i realized how blessed i was to have such a wonderful sister and best feren like her. i could ask for nothing more. i named this blog site after that song cause it reminds me of my grama. god i miss her oh so much =( i would be nothing without you

__friday was cool. went to sunnyside retirement center in torrance, cali. with jenn. me n jenn accidently went into the sunnyside NURSING center. so everyone in there was sikk and hooked up onto something or on a wheelchair. i dont want to be thrown in there when im old. [worried] n then we saw vj n realized we were in the wrong place. OLD folks are tite dude! they are! they know everything and theyre soo nice and helpful. they talk and listen to you. omg mr. WISER was soo nice! he offered to tutor us in math if we ever needed help =Þ
__then tung pikked us up. tung is jenns "boi" . hes cute! =D he is! omg hes like the cutiest dude i met from jenn so far. hes viet. 19 but he has that babyface so he seems 15. pretty nice n cool =D hes so into jenn! [arent you lucky honn??] . i went to tapioca express for the first time. got a mango snow bubble. [yummyum] stoopid tung stole my bf [jenn] away from me! haha lol
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__guess whos bak, bak again. kuee is bak. tell a feren. guess whos bak, guess whos bak..blah blah. hehar hehar. anyhow. i decided to start a new blog site. cause the old one cause too much shiit since some peple cant handle my bluntness. ehh awwells all is forgotten. dont live in the past